Sample Essay

The environment is one of the most significant aspects in the life of mankind. Mankind has been challenged on issues concerning the environment. The Coastal regions are surrounded by many environmental issues. These coasts are important components of the environment because they have a lot of benefits linked to them.

However, these regions are faced with a lot of problems which come naturally or as a result of human activities. Natural problems facing the coastal regions include thunderstorms, tornadoes, and tsunamis amongst others. Pollution has been one of the most visible problems facing the coastal environments.

Pollution can be defined as altering the state of the environment by the introduction of unpleasant objects (Uekoetter, pg. 31). Pollution has affected the biodiversity of the coastal environment as well as the health status of the people of Massachusetts. This implies that the federal government of the United States of America should take crucial measures in controlling pollution in the area. Pollution has affected a lot of human activities in the area as well as aquatic and plant life.

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