Sample Essay

There are several issues that normally appear in a business scenario. These issues include market, competition, operations, management, financial section, schedule of operation, executive summary of the business, and the description of the risks that may be encountered in the future.

The executive summary must define how the business is supposed to be and acts like a cover page which must be exhaustible as possible. The business description must describe whether the business is a new, old or its being expanded, more so, it describes the ownership of the business, location, skills and experience to run the business and how the community will benefit from the business.The market must be clearly be defined, i.e., who are expected to be the customers, how is your business expected to compete in the market, the expected share market, promotion and pricing strategies to be used and the anticipated future of the business. Competition must be clearly be analyzed in terms of the expected competitors, how to counter the competition, the strengths of the potential competitors must be understood and take advantage of them besides knowing them, understanding their actions, their market share, market mix, pricing policies etc. how the business is to be operated. The financial section must define the source and cost of capital, the expected returns on capital and revenue. the risks and how they will be countered incase they occur is a crucial scenario in a business, the risks are mainly countered through insurance policies and contract farming in case of a production firm.

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