Sample Essay

These alliances will also assist so much in improving relationships of Arabs and the rest of the world. Involvement of America in this region has recently met with many critical views. Many people agree with the fact that America has neglected its own people and put a lot of focus on Middle East conflict.

Any interventions by Americans around the world have been met with excessive resistance from the Muslim states. This has affected the way America operates ranging from international trade to other governance agenda. The result is a less influential country despite its position in the world as the super power. Americas allies have also suffered the same agonies for believe by Arabs that they have similar way of doing things. However, Egypt has some of the strongest strategic plans and well-furnished foreign policies. It has therefore focused on creating a harmonized environment for countries perceived enemies of Islam such as the US, to comfortably engage in trade with the Arab nations. Egypt itself is a hub of trade within the region. It has one of the best gas trade industries that have attracted so much trade interests from other nations. Therefore, such alliances are expected to do away with such perception to potential trading partners hence improving the overall economy of the Middle East as a region.

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