Sample Essay

The investment returns for the company in the latest financial year recordings depicted the Return on Equity for the company to be at 27.5, with the Return on Assets at 13.2, the Return on Capital 20.7, the Return on Equity five year average arriving at 31.4, the Return on Assets five year average arriving at 16.5 and the Return on Capital five year average recorded at 24.2.

The management efficiency for the company was such that the income per employee was recorded at $63,978. The Revenue per Employee stood at 237,470 and the Receivable Turnover was at 8.5. The Inventory Turnover for the Coca Cola Company was at 4.9 and the Asset Turnover for the company was at 0.7

The sales for the Coca Cola Company for the last financial year was recorded at 31.25 billion dollars with an income of 5.79 billion dollars. The gross profit for the company for the year 2005 was recorded at 7,521 million dollars, with the gross profit increasing in 2006 to 7,818 million dollars and 7,981 million dollars in 2007. The net income for the company in 2005 was at 514 million dollars, with a net loss of 1,143 million dollars recorded in 2006. in 2007 the company reported a net income of 711 million dollars. The change in the cash and cash equivalents in 2005 was recorded at negative 48 million dollars, with positive 77 million dollars recorded in 2006. In 2007, the net cash and cash equivalents were again recorded in negative at 14 million dollars.

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