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Another economic action that the allies took was to invest in research and development. This in turn led to an increase in technological know-how. As a result of this the allied forces were able to advance their weaponry without straining their domestic economies and industries heavily. This saw the development of carrier ships instead of battleships. This made it possible to penetrate enemy territory easily through airlifting and strategic bombing. In addition the manufacture of escort carriers proved paramount especially over thePacific Ocean. Anti-submarine technology also improved the naval advantage of the allies over the axis powers.

On the military side there were certain factors that were in favor of the allied forces. Firstly there was the advancement of military technology especially in the field of communications. The advancement of military communication equipment especially in the United Statesled to the decryption of military codes especially those ofGermanyandJapan. This made it easier for the allied powers to set up strategic counter-attacks and measures to fight the axis nations. In addition to this the use of new weapons also factored in on the military side for the allied powers.

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