Sample Essay

The introduction and use of sports, recreation and manipulation is one of the advancement witnessed in physical therapy that has really improved patient care. For instance, the cases of shoulder impingement syndrome are managed with a multimodal approach.

Such patients no wards undergo a multimodal protocol intervention hat encompasses photospheres, rotator cuff and shoulder girdle muscle exercises, diversified manipulation and soft tissue, and finally return to normal daily sporting activities and work. The resultant outcome reports mo re than 68% effectiveness at the end of treatment protocol with follow-up of 4 to 12 weeks (Worthingham 239). In sum total, the use of soft tissue techniques like frictional and ischemic compression electrons electro modalities-technique like ultrasound, rehabilitation by are of exercises and manipulation is proved to be useful in improving outcome of the patient care, since it is more interactive and centralize patient centered care.

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