Sample Essay

This paper reflects on punishment in regard to criminal activities in the society. It aims at establishing a more preferable concept of punishment among the rest. These concepts of punishment are as follows: retribution concept where the punishment accorded by the wrong-doer is equivalent to the offence committed.

It takes the form of an eye for an eye or a tooth for as tooth.  Incapacitation involves rocking up the offender within the walls of prison. This is believed to be the rationale behind imprisonment practices among many states. Rehabilitation concept involves reformation or restoration of character. Deterrent concept upholds that punishment accorded ought to be a lesson for many or potential criminals.

Punishment should not be a recipe for the violation of human dignity but a way to affirm that dignity. This however, must not create a favorable environment for criminals. A state must ensure a criminal-free society. Notably, incapacitation takes a more prominent position but on condition that prisons put in place proper mechanisms in line with the law: not only that, mechanisms that endeavor to reform the offender’s character and prevent further occurrence of similar crimes in the society.

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