Sample Essay

Nigeria, a West African country, is renowned for its prowess in the oil industry. The country is the most populated country in Africa and the eighth most populated country in the world. It enjoys a number of privileges which ranges from economic, political, technological and social well being. The country is mainly Islamic even though Christianity is a major religion being practices in the country (Ajakaiye & Odusola 1996, pp.48-68). It has a lot of diversity in its population due to its rich cultural background.

The major income earning activity to the country is in the oil sector. It was United Kingdom’s colony till nineteen sixty (1960). It is a federal republic which was shaped from the United States’ leadership style (United Kingdom Census 2007). The country has one capital federal city and thirty six cities all of which are of different standards. Benin, Chad, Cameroon and Niger are the country’s neighbors. Nigeria has a wide coast line to its south which accrues a lot of benefits to the country.

As a member of the common wealth countries, the West African country is among the ‘next eleven’ economies. The majority of Nigerian population lives on less than one point two five (1.25) US dollar per person per day. This is evidence that Nigeria is not among the developed country.  The country’s capital city is Abuja (Odusola 2003).

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