Sample Essay

The term intelligent design came into the limelight in 1987 after a ruling by theUnited StatesSupreme Court ruling on the case of Edward vs. Aguilard. This was a ruling concerning the separation of the state and the church.Intelligent design (ID) and evolution are two theories that seek to explain the origin of living things. Both these theories have some in grained observed facts in them. Intelligent design is the latest theory to emerge from religious creationism, firstly in an attempt to refute the evolutionary theory. Secondly the theory attempts to assert the point that the main features of life can be best understood as the result of acts of creation by a supernatural intelligent designer.

On the other side the evolution theory seeks to explain the origin and diversity on earth through natural selection or genetic drift. While evolution has been proven to be both a theory and a fact intelligent design has not. Infact, intelligent design is a theory that seeks to advance the traditional teleological argument of the existence of God or the theory of creation, without specifying God as the intelligent designer. Proponents of the intelligent design view seek to let people and scientists in particular to accept supernatural explanations in their work or findings

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