Sample Essay

My ideal internship placement is a company engaging in film and documentary production which offers opportunities for interns to practice what they have been learning in their respective colleges. In the placement, I would like to give a supervisor who shall be directing me and giving me challenges in order to have a humble time to practice my skills. During my internship, I would like to get acquainted with the daily operation of firmproduction. How the production engineers go about their work from the beginning of screen writing to production of the final movie. While in my placement, I will offer optimal support with my skills while still be interested to learn the new skills.

In my place o internship, I will make the maximum efforts to ensure that all through I acquire additional skills which will be an input in achieving my long-term career dreams. I will ensure that I learn the leadership skills of the management who deal with many people from many cultural background in different fields ranging from screen writers, photographers and many more.

Having done an all inclusive course in filmmaking, I will specifically be interested to learn about the theories and techniques employed while producing movies and documentaries.

It is my hope that my ideal internship placement will be an input to my career dream. Practicing my skills in film production will aid me in future since I will be familiar with some of the challenges that I am likely to face in future. The challenges and the opportunities will aid me to achieve my career dream of becoming a leader film director in future.

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