Sample Essay

The internship was of great importance to me since the knowledge gained would be essential in my coming classes. Through this period I learned in several areas such as;

–          Business data communication; as I communicated with customers over the website

–          Managing In a Digital World; Most of my work was digitalized

–          System Design and Implementation

–          Information System Analysis

–          SP TPS; Printing of Collaboration

It was a great success for me to have been given the chance as an intern in such a prestigious company and more so to handle one of their most sensitive departments of information systems.

Through my internship in the company, my scope of knowledge was expanded as I was able to apply the knowledge acquired in class into practical context

11.0           Shortcomings

Since I was an intern, there were not many shortcomings as my supervisor and the other fellow staff offered me. However, I encountered such shortcomings as:

I had to leave pre-maturely before my project was officially adapted as there was limited time

12.0           Observations and conclusion

12.1           Observations

During the two months of internship, I observed that:

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