Sample Essay

This paper attempts to develop a comprehensive internet marketing plan for MarketNet, which is based on web 2.0 contents and driven by a social network channel, facebook. Our discussion is based on the importance and emergence of web 2.0 as a core component for MarketNet’s business strategy and online marketing. Web 2.0 has many elements as advertisers and marketers define it. The aim of this report is to design a web traffic plan and to conduct a specific target audience analysis for MarketNet’s group page that offers open discussion, information sharing and mentoring activities to CQU students from marketing background.

Our analysis is based on the strategic aspects of online marketing and web content planning and development for MarketNet. From this analysis we found that internet marketing has a huge scope considering the case with MarketNet, for which we analyzed the market segments, developed targeting and product mix strategies and forecasted marketing objectives for coming years. Our findings in this regarded is supported by the psychographic and demographic data and statistics obtained from the CQU annual factsheets and from other governmental sources.

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