Sample Essay

Graham and Livingston (2009, p.350) assert that international organ trafficking is largely fuelled by the presence of ample available organs in the US. Organ trafficking and tourism transplants are consequences of a restrictive all altruism based kidney donation system. As such people desperate to have back their lives or save their loved ones will go to great extremes of ensuring that they have acquired a compatible donor.Organ trafficking involves illegal cartels which foster the traveling of individuals to purchase kidneys from. Not only do they incur numerous expenses on these trips but they also charge the recipients hefty fees for the kidneys. This form of exploitation is bound to accelerate if no alternative measures are put in place to accommodate the shortcomings of the altruism based system. Furthermore, those who undertake tourism transplants have to use similarly numerous expenses which may deplete their financial resources. Instead of encouraging transplant tourism, the use of a regularized financial incentives system may offer such patients the benefits of acquiring a kidney for a reasonable amount of money.

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