Sample Essay

Higher education sectors are being encouraged to develop strong presences in different countries by creating networks with institutions and staff (Soutar and Mazzarol 1995, Brown 1998, Muche 2005), and the best examples are probably those of Australian and American higher education institutions that have gone a step further by actually establishing additional campuses outside their country (Baldwin and James 2000).  Their networks go far beyond the formal and static, and these actually take the international student requirements mentioned above into consideration.

For example, a Chinese student can go to an Australian university in China and experience the lifestyle, have the security that their educational qualifications will be accepted, have a possibly visa to Australia and all this for a huge fraction of the cost of actually attending the university in Australia.

Research by the British Council (2004) showed that international students considered quality, employability, accessibility, affordability, safety and lifestyle when making the decision to go abroad to complete their studies.  With regards to these findings, the most concerning is that of affordability in theUK, as it is widely known that theUKis not as cost effectiveness as its neighbours.  For example,France,GermanyandJapando not charge special tuition fees for international students (British Council 2004), which releases funds for cost of living, which would be impossibly in theUK.

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