Sample Essay

Global Visa according to The International immigrations policy, provides Up immigration and visa services  primarily under the conditions  and systems  which meet international standard and able to efficiently help one to apply and acquire visa for their needs. It therefore charges a fee to process the visa. Work permit allows any American citizen to work legitimately in any foreign country after he or she has migrated to that country for a specific job or/and a specific person (peter 1997).

Several Americans today are scattered world over and are working there legally either as an individual or a corporate body, because of the work permit.

To obtain a work permit to work in the U.K, an American will first state the nature of his or her profession and similarly, the type of passport he or she requires. This might be either temporary, temporary renewable or permanent. According to the US department of immigration, work permits are structured to suit mostly, middle class workers or to a larger extent expatriate migrating to the UK and have proof for the employment offers in the UK by a company in British. The  stated provision is based on the system of tier 1 and tier 2 work permits Those tier 1 and 2 work permit, as observed, demands any American relocating to the Up to have a certificate of sponsorship, which basically is the ability to have a sponsor from the Highly Skilled Migrant  programme(Genevieve 1997).

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