Sample Essay

The International Criminal Tribunal was established by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) allows the UN to intrude on sovereignty rights to safeguard regional peace and security. In the Rwandan case, the UNSC established the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) whose aim was to prosecute those responsible for genocide and other violations of international humanitarian law.  It was approximated that 800000 Rwandans had become refugees under UN patronage. UN peacekeepers were in Rwanda when the massacres began. UN considered not sending more peacekeepers but to reduce their presence and as result standing aside as more massacres took place.

Homicide occurs when killings are advanced to a particular race or group of people. It is culminates in mass murder. Domicide is when one kills his or ones allies, for example, one’s family and eventually killing oneself. For example, a father kills his wife and children and then takes his own life. It is more inclined to domestic matters when one kills to attain a certain objective, for example, one may kill a family member to acquire wealth. Just as genocide inflicts suffering to the victims so does domicide.

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