Sample Essay

The bodies the play a critical role in the global markets include the international business regulatory bodies and the notational bodies. Adam Smith noted that capitalism which is an economic system cannot be continuous without the substantial help from the political bodies.

A structure aimed at satisfying the corporation needs and the individual need ends up destroying its self by the gains of the players that eventually grow to become monopolies. It’s worthy recognition that the economies need to be controlled/ regulated to ensure that the firm’s carry out a fair business and eventually make certain that monopolies do not thrive and end up destroying the established economic system

Even Adam Smith recognized that capitalism, as an economic system, could not be sustained without extensive help from the political bodies of a polity. A system based on appealing to individual and corporation’s self-interests in an economy carries the seeds of its own destruction, through the rewards offered to the players to develop and expand monopolies. Thus, it was recognized that the economy had to be regulated to ensure not only fair business practices, but also to prevent monopolies to form, flourish and thus destroy the system.

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