Sample Essay

It is very sad that the people with visual impairment in the developing and less developed countries are sent to the institutions for the blind. This is mainly because these countries cannot afford the special services, which can help these people live with those without sight problems normally. This act makes the people feel segregated from the society and make them live depressed lives.

In understanding consumer behavior, those entrepreneurs in the education sector target students and pupils to enroll in their schools so that they can be able to achieve their objectives of starting the business. Considering the state in India which is among the developing countries, there are so many visually impairment persons. For instance, there are more than 1.4 million children aged between 0 and 14 years who are visually impairment. The country cannot afford the services, which make the reading by these children easy, and therefore they are enrolled in the schools for the blind. This makes these children feel disheartened since they know that although they are not blind, there is noting that can be done to help them improve their sight. They feel miserable wishing that they were born blind so that they can comfortably mix with the blind. These students cannot be contended knowing that they will have to learn through touch rather than seeing since they can see it is only that they have difficulties (Vermont Department Of Public Service).

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