Sample Essay

I agree with the argument that the government needs to mandate the installation and upkeep of sprinkler systems in newly constructed private residences because fire incidences are on the increase. In order for the residents to solve the problems of fire occurrences and prevent their damages, there is need to install sprinkler systems in residential areas.The sprinkler systems are cheap to maintain and are environmental friendly. Further, they are easy to use and with each of the resident trained on how to use them; it will be easy to fight fire incidences with ease. These sprinkler systems are easy to maintain, operate and modify. The fact that one of the sprinklers can be activated without the activation of the other sprinklers and still prevents fire with ease means that they are very cheap to maintain. Further, these sprinklers have fire detection devices and this will help the residents be on the safe side for they will be able to detect and prevent fire before its occurrence. Since there are no chemical reactions involved, it gets very safe for the users together with their environment.

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