Sample Essay

The instability in Nigeria’s politics has also contributed to the poor policies that regulate the foreign investment, tax rates, remuneration scales and employee right in the country. The political condition in the hotel industry is one of the major factors that affect the industry. Like medicine, security and health conditions of the customers in the hotel industry is very crucial. No foreign customers would be willing to pay a visit and spend time and money in a hotel located in a country with little or no political stability (Department of Health 2005).

The sensitivity of the hotel industry therefore demands special attention and a lot of attention to be paid when addressing the needs and requirements of the customers in question (Humanities 2003, pp.359-370). The United Kingdom, in comparison enjoys a high class standard of security levels in most parts of the country. It has a more composed political condition that requires little or no worry from the customer on the security issues. Customers to the hotel industry in England also need to worry less about the level of standards of the security and health of the food and other services they receive in exchange for the money the pay (DeRouen & Paul 2008, p.546). The levels of standards in Nigeria on the health and security of customer though are of good standards; do not fully match with those of the country. The continued efforts being made by the Nigeria government to market its tourism industry is likely to benefit the hotel industry since the hotel and tourism industries are interrelated and mainly complement one another in their business operations.

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