Sample Essay

Westerns, has had a great influence on the American society since its introduction. Of great importance have been the ideals of the American culture that it presents to its viewers. Particularly, its representation of men as strong, fearless, ready for challenge and living by a rock solid moral code of his creation had intrigued and influenced so many.

The most ideal alpha male as represented by the Westerns is one who creates and molds his own moral code, one who is self sufficient and one who is certain about his peace. Peace in this regard implies one who is courageous and daring enough to do whatever he can for a greater good (Kate and Eddie 67).

The first quality that presents the foundation for men is the ability to make laws and lay individual moral codes. This quality sees the alpha male make his own rules and live by them because of the fact that he is superior to the others. Thus he has little consideration for the rules that are set by the others. Additionally, he conceives making these decisions better than those made by the others. This moral center that the man obtains is highly influenced by the ethical values and virtues that are divine in nature. In this regard, Brooke shows that the highest good is considered a perfect source of all goodness and therefore for decisions to be considered ethical, they must reflect this (39).

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