Sample Essay

Te Velde (2005) states that globalisation links economies through trade in goods and services, private cross border investment and migration.  In the higher education sector, globalisation is definitely evident in terms of migration, as students cross borders and some permanently settle in the countries they studied in, thus contributing to the economic activity of that country.

Private cross border investment is also true of the students that invest their education in higher education institutions, and the same could also be said to be true of the higher education sector marketing efforts which are in some ways an investment in the foreign market.  More importantly, the trade in knowledge which could be considered a service is also evident in the higher education sector, which demonstrates that this sector will clearly be affected by globalisation in some aspects.  The aspects this dissertation will concentrate on are those of international marketing, as marketing plays a key factor in attracting investment in the way of international student fees to the country, migration also benefits the economy as more taxes are contributed to the economy, and the trade in the knowledge sector will reassure other potential students of the quality and value, they can expect from the higher education sector in the UK.

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