Essay: Industrialization

Industrialization Sample Essay

The high level of industrialization is another reason behind increased pollution in the Massachusetts coastal environment. Most industries deal with chemicals in the production of various products. The industries emit fumes that affect the coastal environment of Massachusetts. Some of the industries along the coast of Massachusetts have poor ways of disposing of waste. At some point, industrial waste will be directed to the shallow waters at the coast, especially nitrogenous waste.

Industrialization is the reason why Nitrogen pollution has been one of the major pollutants along the coast of Massachusetts.

Masses of aquatic life have perished as a result of nitrogenous waste from industries. The majority of the runoff nitrogen is consumed by weeds and algae in the water bodies (Hobbs, pg. 32).

Once weeds thrive on the surface waters they hinder oxygen supply and circulation in the water. This cycle affects aquatic life which relies on oxygen for survival.

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