Sample Essay

The duration of time during which the industrial revolution happened still happens to be a point of dispute between various historians. No one can clearly identify the period that it took place, but there is little consensus that it happened during the 18th and 19th centuries. Prior to the industrial revolution, much of Europe was still an agrarian economy while some other parts of the world still happened to live as if they were still in the medieval times.

The world today is increasingly industrializing. As this process of industrialization, goes on many more and more goods and services are being produced, using advanced industrial processes and using human labor, as was initially the case.

It is surprising to note that people in ancient and medieval times had no such complex mechanisms for mass production yet they were able to survive. This paper aims at looking at some of the features or reasons that led to the emergence of the industrial revolution. In addition, we shall also look at some of the political, social and economic changes that were associated with the industrial revolution.

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