Sample Essay

Contracts are perceived to be potential in achieving independence by individuals, it is a social organization which is important in market positions and non- financial social situations. The owners, managers of business and entrepreneurs are lawfully accountable and in charge of penalties of liquidation in performance to maintain financial solvency to impose taxes in order to stabilize their functions; volunteer’s contributors to religions, charity organizations and educational centre are collectively in legal privileges to deduct contributions from taxable income.

Financial nature is tightly woven with labour market whereby there is employment in which individual have right to performances as employees in an organization and a right to be compensated by the employer  in exchange of the services.  Being in possession of property is regarded as financial organization with granting of essentials rights to use, rule and disposal of physical materials. Property ownership is legitimate whether the property is owned by individual or corporate it is economical. Property ownership aspects including aggregation and differentiation, the rights of property are associated with unique functions in present lawful system thus; it is most likely that owners will have different categories of property rights depending on the state of the property ownership which is carried in status of political structure.

The central part of community is communal organization with general function is t pull together system of costumes in which individuals are collectively organized and incorporated thus the citizens of community must accept  the obligation set to serve the community as an individual or collectively. The willingness to serve and perform military duties is a sign of loyalty therefore; the rights and obligation should be culturally legitimized.

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