Sample Essay

It can be learned that crisis caused by the anti-dumping petition must be competently dealt with. Two bodies must be involved in the case; the government body and a private body as well. These two bodies will help to bring an understanding of the nature of the problem and come up with a solution on how to face the case. Here a legal counsel is selected to deal with the case. This coordination between the two threatened bodies can be dealt with and come up with a solution. Another lesson learnt is that the two parties will have a speedy resolution which will not waste a lot of money. This is because some of the expenses are incurred by the two parties which could have been incurred by the manufacturers themselves.

Due to involvement of the government in the case, the solution is arrived at very fast.  In absence of the government, anti-dumping cases take a lot of time to be decided. During this standstill time, businesses are affected because importers are risks avoiders and thus they will shift to new supply until the case is resolved. This uncertainty also affects other people who are involved in this kind of business.  Another lesson that can be learnt here is that Newland manufacturers must be diversified into looking new markets for their businesses. This will ensure that when sanctions are imposed they will not affect their business. This is not an easy process and those they should start early before the sanctions are imposed.

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