Sample Essay

Poverty has increased substantially in Canada and this is reflected in the rise in reliance on shelters and food banks. Poverty indicators are hunger, poor housing, and homelessness for the poor. Indeed, as the government is busy sending funding to African countries, hunger has plagued so many Canadian children at an alarming rate. According to a study by Connor, McIntyre and Warren (2000, p.961), poverty levels in Canada are unacceptably high and more so for children who are not in a position to fend for themselves. They also indicate that one child in every five is affected by poverty nationwide. Poverty eradication is at the forefront of some organizations, which foresee devastating effects for the country’s future labor capacities. Hunger and poverty in children is mostly accompanied by diseases and ill health in those affected. These aspects are likely to lead to child mal-development and even fatalities which only inhibits young children from growing up healthily and able to render service to their country. It is time for western countries to solve their domestic issues before extending help to others. This will result to withdrawal of foreign aid and the diversion of this aid to such projects as hunger and poverty eradication, development of proper housing and offering welfare services to the poor.

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