Sample Essay

School uniforms are also used to instill the feeling of social acceptance, school pride and school spirit amongst the school members. This is due to the fact that, when the students are in school and in uniform, they feel like they belong to the same family with no distinct social classes. This gives every student a sense of belonging and a lot of concentrations in school since the students are very young hence their concentration can easily be altered by fashions in their fellow students (Rowley, 2007).

Mandate of school uniforms should also be supported for it reduces the expense associated with purchasing school clothes. This will be a benefit to the parents who find it expensive to purchase the luxurious clothing for their children.  It also makes it easier for the parents to shop for their children’s school outfit since they go to the shops for specific attires. Mandate of school uniforms is used as a means of doing away with short skirts and attires with immoral writings on them in the school compound; this will be ensured since the uniforms advocated for do not have any evil writings on them and also sue to the fact that the length of the uniforms is determined Cunningham, 2009).

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