Sample Essay

It is imperative to note that technology is responsible for the growth of business around the world. Long before technology evolved, business were carried out in form of barter trade. Nevertheless, presently, most of the business operations are executed using computer programs making organization operations very simple.

Technological advancement began with development of money to simple machines that have been improved to the present digital world. Presently, the organization transactions are carried out online and this has proven very efficient provided maximum-security measures are put in place. These transactions include sales, advertising, electronic money transfer, tracking and marketing among others. All sizes of organizations employ the present digital technology to achieve its present target.

The technology employed in many organization plays an essential function in making certain that all the organization design and structure being employed in a firm is the most suitable at a specific point of time. Most organizations must employ a certain technology that group processes that include leadership and group relations are managed using custom made soft wares that are compatible with any organization’s organizational structure besides being the best in respect to the competitors.  Through efficiency brought by technology, the individuals working in various positions are motivated. In the motivation theory, driven by the 3 E’s, effort, energy and enthusiasm, is as a result of the positive changes brought by technology within an organization (Daft 35-57)

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