Sample Essay

The importance of strong leadership in a great group automatically signifies the need of well defined leadership functions that are to provide direction and meaning to the group efforts, maintain the trust factor among the members, it must therefore be action oriented and should be risk taking in nature,  and prior to all it must devise powerful techniques to overcome the odds of the group (Bennis, 1997). Hence it is there by required by the leader of a  great groups to demonstrate the virtue of good moral guided by motivation and induction of goodwill among the group members.

The backbone of the great groups lies in leadership guided by a strong mission. As the basic purpose of the formation of a great group, is to amplify the individual capacities to overcome complex issues. So it is hereby require and needed by the leadership to be efficiently and effectively involved in inducing the mission at all levels of a great group.

Hence the provided article presented an ample view about the working and need of a great group in an organization. And it is also a worth admitting fact that the only way to overcome the complex organizational problems is only possible by collective efforts rather than individual efforts.

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