Sample Essay

Many strategies have formulated and implemented to combat and prevent terrorism; however of these strategies put into consideration the importance of respecting and protecting human rights no matter the nature of the crime committed. All crimes should be charged in a public court of law where public hearing is possible rather than putting into place secretive courts that would deal with terrorist groups without observing the international standards of human rights. The treatment of the terrorists has created some kind enmity between the governments and the terrorists groups hence both sides are putting efforts to make each other suffer.

This trend requires to be changed by governments and legislators formulating and implementing laws and policies that respect the human rights rather than themselves acting like these terror groups. Governments should be in the forefront to embrace the international human rights laws instead of ignoring them to justify their actions,. I believe two wrongs do not make it right, though their might that the end justifies the means. The role of the governments is to protect its citizens and ensure that law and order are maintained. Those that do not obey the law should be charged in a court of law and convicted if guilty. The judicial system should be free of government control, just and fair to ensure human rights are observed at any level no matter the nature of crime.

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