Sample Essay

In a bid to ensure that the patients’ autonomy is upheld, several themes and principles have emerged. The themes of surrogacy and euthanasia have had significant impact on the nursing practice. Surrogacy holds that health practitioner should make decisions while considering the consequences. Utilitarianism is one of the fundamental theories that hold that nursing practitioners ought to make decisions that would be beneficial in the long run. Basing on this principle, I consider that nurses should at all times adhere to the needs of the patients and respect their choices. Their decisions are very important for the health of the patient.  Liberal individualism is another fundamental principle of concept of surrogacy. The theory holds that an individual is allowed to make the decisions they perceive right. Under normal circumstances, the opponents of euthanasia have argued that patients position to make rational decisions (Armstrong, 2007). However, in my view, the patients decision should be respect such that when they want their lives terminated, this has to be executed.

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