Sample Essay

The theme of imagism and modernism is shown clearly in the 20th century American writers. This literally style is much seen in the works of Ernest Hemmingway. His work the “evil dark woman vs. the good light woman”, perfectly illustrates the style of imagism. Many writers have described the work as part of Hemingway’s imagination.

Among his other notable works include “hotel Montana” and “the old man and the sea” these modernist writers have also gone ahead to improve the level of American literature. Hemmingway also won a Nobel Prize for literature in his heydays. Other modernist writers that have helped develop American literature include Allen Ginsberg. Being more liberal than his predecessors are Ginsberg has been more liberal especially in addressing topics that seem to be taboos in the public domain. These issues include drug addiction and the issue of Busking a few decades ago. Unlike his predecessors, Ginsberg has publicly stated his support for quasi communism. This is reflected in his public support for former Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

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