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Ideology has also played a major role in supporting the two party system. Most Americans believe in laissez –faire economics. As thus they believe in material prosperity, grounded on the fact that they should be won through individual initiatives.

As a result the democrats and the republicans both believe in this American dream. Although their approach is different, it at least does not go against the wishes of American people. Since its foundation the American culture has not been in favor of collectivist ideas. Thus a party that is perceived to be socialist and or communist centered have and probably will not gain in political milestone within the American people.

The American political system has a strong separation between the church and the state. As a result there is no party that has emerged to represent various religious ideologies since the state has separated itself from the church. TheUnited Statespolitical system is hugely divided on economic grounds. Depending on the economic status of the country at any given time the people are free to choose from the economic policies of the two parties. As a result of this it has become increasingly difficult for other parties to enter the political arena with a different set of ideologies.

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