Sample Essay

You also find that when employees are HIV positive in an organization, people tend to look down upon them and this is one of the bad behaviors and it’s not ethical at all. These are people who need our attention most but now if we happen to ignore them, they will feel neglected and some end up committing suicide.

So HR should ensure that good working conditions are given to such people and ensure that no any employee should be caught up misusing the HIV positive victims. It may seem hard to cope with the management of the business is concerned especially working in a restaurant since in restaurants; this is one of the places whereby health standards should be maintained since it deals with people food. It may be hard to understand but business ethics puts it clear that workers should not be fired or even demoted simply because their health is not good. This is because if we neglect these people, it will mean that we will have so many people lying idle simply because they are not in a position to get good jobs as a result of their HIV status.

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