Sample Essay

Heinberg’s argument about the economy is already finished is based on several factors which are actually evident in our eyes if we look around. Heignberg considered many factors such as sustainability of the economy, employment creation, purchasing power, use, and future existence of resources, lending power of financial institutions, dependence, oil prices among other factors as discussed by this paper.Resource reduction is seen to be high due to increasing population as a result of extraction of raw-materials, manufacturing and consumption (Grint, 2000) .Continued use of resources without resources will lead to depletion of them (resources) hence no more production leading to finished growth of economy. Resources are seen to be consumed more than they are invested, by not investing resources it means that in the future resources will be few leading to limited production hence a finished economy as few resources cannot satisfy the existing monetary claims which are unlimited. With such limited resources majority of the people are going to have no or few resources and the few who are actually the rich will have the resources leading to unequal distribution of resources hence finished growth of economy.

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