Sample Essay

The introduction of the adequate yearly progress system in the 2001-2002 school years has seen significant growth in the education sector. Over the years, White elementary school has been improving although its position is still below that of Horace Mann.

To improve the schools performance the two schools need to gauge themselves against other similar schools. The no child left behind act has correctional mechanisms for schools that fail to meet the adequate yearly progress benchmark.

William Allen white elementary school is listed as a Title 1 school this means that the school enjoys some exceptions to penalties while at the same time enjoying federal funds. These options do not apply to Horace Mann elementary school since it is not listed as a Title 1 school.

When a school continually fails to meet the set AYP standards on a continuous basis the following compensatory acts can be undertaken. In the first case, there is the option of chartering. This means that a school is closed and then reopened as a public school. Secondly, there is reconstituting. Reconstituting involves replacing the school staff. In the third place, a contractor can be sought to operate the school as a private business. In the fourth case, the state education agency can take over the operations of the school.

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