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Google and yahoo are American public corporations that concern themselves mainly with internet services. Although they primarily concern themselves with internet search services they both generate extra revenues from other services like advertising, social networking services, online mapping services as well as video-sharing services among other services.

The two companies are headquartered inCalifornia, in theUnited States. Yahoo was incorporated in 1994 while Google was incorporated in 1998. Regardless of this fact Google has seen rapid expansion outdoing yahoo in some of the services they offer.

The two companies have seen increased growth over the years. There revenues have been rising steadily over the years. Yahoo’s financial results for the past few years are as follows.








1 625

3 574

5 258

6 426

6 969



1 000

1 505

1 066

Net Results



1 896




5 500

7 600

9 800

11 400


Back in 2004, Yahoo’s entire shareholders and liabilities funds were 7,100 millions, this being approximately 2.5 times extra as compared to those of Google 2,900 million US dollars. Both of these companies’ incomes were however similar as it equaled to 3,574 for Yahoo and approximately 3,189 million USD for Google. However, the situation completely changed back in 2007 (Nastase, 2008). During the period 2004-2007, if Yahoo’s shareholders liabilities and funds grew to 9,500 million USD, a huge increase was experienced by Google as they totaled to 22,700 million USD. Yahoo’s incomes however doubled during the same period to 6,970 million although that of Google rose up to 16,594 million USD.

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