Sample Essay

These large variations can be attributed to impact of globalisation, which has made other parts of the world accessible, but in doing so, it has also made international marketing efforts accessible to all potential students.  For instance, Bashir (2007) states that the numbers of Asian students enrolling to the US decreased significantly, and this was probably due to the terrorist attacks.  But the following international exposure resulted in some higher education institutions capitalising on the supposed “exclusion” of this group of students.

Globalisation in higher education can be considered to be the widening, deepening and acceleration of interconnectedness (Held et al 1999), and as previously stated; interconnectedness was previously achieved in the form of scholarships and exchange programmes. Nowadays, the growth and establishment of the internet has increased the many routes with which institutions can market and seek partners for exchange programmes.  The internet also means that students are not limited to the scholarships and exchange programmes on offer, but can actually seek out those that are specific to their needs.  What is even more significant is the fact that potential students can actually compare and evaluate the different options available, as opposed to being previously restricted to a group of universities.

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