Sample Essay

Because of global warming, we have seen many climatic changes. Among these, include increased desertification, more drastic weather patterns, like cyclones and hurricanes as well as their preference.We have also seen increased waves and tides. Among other effects include Tipping points are the points at which a unit change in global temperatures can cause drastic and possible irreversible effects on the environment. Among the known tipping points include; the complete disappearance of arctic sea ice in summer. This can cause drastic changes in the patterns of ocean circulation as well as across the entire northern hemisphere. This would have the effect of increasing global temperatures due to the high heat capacity of hydrogen.

The second tipping point is the acceleration of loss of ice from the Antarctic andGreenlandice sheets. This would have the effect of increasing the size of sea level to about six feet per century. This would lead to accelerated flooding and massive ocean waves. The third tipping point is the acidification of the ocean due to the absorption of carbon dioxide. These would have the effect of changing the food webs of the ocean.

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