Sample Essay

The global crisis and its effects on Citibank are oozing out gradually and the bank is currently staffing some of its departments in some branches to support the rising demand. Staff attraction and selection to ensure that the right people get in the right place to avoid a repetition of the mistakes experienced during the financial crisis is very vital (Cowling and Mailer, 1981).

However, choosing the right staff may at times require that that the issue of diversity in the recruitment process be considered to ensure an effective process (Billsberry, 2000).

This research proposal is based on Citibank’s human resource department and tries to establish the effectiveness of the process. The results of this paper can be used in the study of diversity in organizations and how relevant the issue of diversity is in the management and survival of a company during hard financial times.

Various research questions have been developed to help in meeting the objectives of the research.

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