Sample Essay

Psychologists have found that children from divorced parents have mixed results. Girls raised by their mothers as well as boys raised by their fathers have been seen to do better than children who ends up being raised by the opposite sex parent. In addition these children have been seen to be less aggressive and mature than the others.

However this is dependent on the type or quality of the parent. In addition close ties that may have existed between the parent and child are in many cases broken. In case this happens and the child goes with the parent they were less affectionate to, then this may elongate the time it would have taken the child to fully recover from the divorce. Additionally the child may take a long time before they build closer ties with the other parent. This is complicated further if the parent remarries within a short period of the divorce. To make matters worse if the child does not like the new step father or mother then the child may develop additional stress. According to, Furstenberg (1994 pg 37), in cases of divorces and the parents remarries before the children heal, they take greater time to heal.

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