Sample Essay

Then one day, after I almost failed in one paper. I decided that I had to change. I started by listing all the reasons why I had to stop gambling. The list was devastatingly long and I wondered how dumb I had been to put up with such as a vice. Then a friend of mine who had all along been advising me to stop my irresponsible behavior lent to me a  motivational book that gave me a vague idea of how I could free myself from the chains of gambling.

After reading through the book several times, I developed a plan of action that involved autosuggestion and joining other  recreational activity like sports. Every morning, and before I went to bed uttered the following words: “I can control my destiny. I will not let my life be destroyed by gambling again.” I also visualized a time when I would no longer be a slave to gambling. When I look back I can say that the methods I used in breaking away from gambling has helped me a lot in solving other problems as well.

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