Sample Essay

The French revolution, which began in 1789 and went on for ten years, was caused by both long range and immediate causes. In terms of long terms causes, the society used to be based on the concept of “privilege” or more simply, “inequality of rights” (Spielvogel, 2008, p.575).

Even though the low leveled people on the social structure were taxied heavily than the higher leveled counterparts, they did not receive better services from the government. But rather, the tax collections were used to finance wars. The dissatisfaction of the bourgeoisie because of the monopolization of the political and social freedom by nobles, made the bourgeoisie rise up against the nobles. In addition, economic hardships within the ordinary members of the society played a role in the revolution. For instance, the increase in bread prices made this class of citizens spend almost three quarters of their earnings to just obtain the bread, which was their only affordable meal. Other causes, which can be classified as immediate included, ideas brought about by enlightenment, efforts to reform that were frustrated by the parliament and the monetary crisis that affected France in 1788. All these made the citizens of France to believe only revolution could avert the political and social disorder. As a result of the revolution, several consequences were witnessed in France as well as throughout Europe.

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