Sample Essay

Freedom involves one being liberty to speak or act without being restrained. In many societies, freedom has been an issue of concern has been the basis for founding a united nation. In the democratic societies, freedom is protected by the constitution and it encompasses the right to liberty, life as the citizen’s search for personal happiness. It is through the judiciary system that is empowered to protect the rights. Freedom is an important element in the society since it is the backbone for a democratic society since it unites people of different cultures.

In America, freedom has been a key issue which the minorities fought to achieve during the era of civil movement. It is during the civil movements which were catalyzed by the likes of Martin Luther King when the minorities, especially the African Americans were denied some rights like the freedom of expression, right to vote among many others. It is after the 14 Amendment when freedom for all was enshrined in the American constitution that the Americans have made efforts towards achieving this objective in order to remain united; an objective which is still far from being achieved. This is notable in the speech that the former presidential aspirant, John McCain said while conceding defeat that the wining for Obama as the 44 president ofUnited Statesis a win for the African Americans. Some great strides have been made towards achieving a united nation, but being born inAmerica, many citizens assume that they the freedoms protected by the constitution came in a silver platter. No no, no, it took the fore father a lot of their time and sacrifice to achieve a democraticAmericafound on the freedom for all (Graebner, 160-269).

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