Sample Essay

There are suggestions that this situation has arisen because the higher education institutions have become reliant on the revenue they receive from international students (Reference), which could be said to be true.  Another reason for the rising concern is that in some institutions international students are responsible for maintaining the viability of some subjects (House of Commons 2007).  This also makes sense considering that some institutions have had to shut down or discontinue certain programmes because of low student enrolment in those subject areas.

This suggests that higher education is becoming an international commodity, one where institutions fulfilling the criteria of international students stand to benefit, in much the same way as globalisation.  Globalisation in higher education has changed the way in which institutions work together and the flow of knowledge.  Previously higher education institutions collaborated by having faculty exchanges and providing international scholarships to finance foreign study for research (Bashir 2007).  This method of exchange has somewhat changed to a situation where foreign students move across borders, whilst the previous methods of knowledge transfer are maintained.  Bashir (2007) also suggests that higher education has become a service which can be traded, given the fact that there is a clear supplier and demand relationship.  For instance, theUKcould be regarded as a suppler of higher education institutions, whilst other countries in Africa and Asia supply the demand, in terms of students.  This supply and demand situation will obviously bring in aspects such as income, which become desirable in this situation.  Foreign students will probably regard this process as one where they are acquiring new information and knowledge that they can use to or implement in their home countries.  This transfer of knowledge and movement of students has also been possible by the ease and availability of air travel and international standards, which can be considered to be a by-product of globalisation.

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