Sample Essay

Foreign aid and its effects has been an ongoing debate in the twenty first century. It has elicited various perceptions, all which, are geared towards establishing the necessity for foreign aid to poor third world countries. Indeed, as activists from all over the globe urge western countries to increase donor funding in Africa, evidence indicates a failed system of eradicating poverty in recipient countries.

Therefore, it is tantamount that foreign aid is reevaluated and fresh strategies introduced in order to alleviate poverty completely. Furthermore, it is inherent that aid is being given to African countries at the expense of western countries’ development and resolution of similar challenges. This paper speaks for the plight in donor countries and pushes for the withdrawal of foreign aid in order to redirect it to domestic issues found in donor countries. As the African saying goes, “before you remove dirt from one’s eye, remove the one in your eye first” (African Quotes, 2010), it is time for western countries to look back at the minorities in their own countries and prioritize their needs before diverting all funds to other countries.

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