Sample Essay

Such interest group offer financial incentives to politicians and other policy developers who in turn are expected to guide foreign aid policy as asserted by Mayer and Raimondos-Moller (1999). Withdrawal of foreign aid would in such a case cause political wrangles and deprive interest groups the huge benefits they are used to. Indeed, this would mean that the donor government does not suffer direct or indirect losses.

In conclusion, it is evident from the above discussion that foreign aid has only contributed to decapitate third world countries’ poverty levels. Foreign aid has led to increased debts and short-term solutions, which do not do much for economic, social, and political problems, which plague these countries. In fact, corruption and the exclusion of minorities have ensued from foreign aid, further alleviating the very people it is meant to assist. In spite of their will to offer foreign aid, western countries also, face poverty and other problems. Therefore, after weighing the demerits of foreign aid for third world countries and the domestic problems in recipient countries, it is eminent that foreign aid is withdrawn. Withdrawal of foreign aid will lead to donor countries focusing on the minorities in their own countries, eliminate benefits accrued by self interest groups, and fuel Africa’s need to become independent and develop their own domestic growth policies. Furthermore, Western countries such as Canada and the U.S need to clean up their countries before offering help to others.

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