Sample Essay

In this fast food industry we are all to blame. From the lawmakers to the corporate who own the businesses up to the consumer? Regardless of this fact the weight of blame can and will never be shared equally. We as consumers usually just walk in purchase an enticing meal (in our own eyes) from the menus and go ahead to consume without giving a second thought to the contents and or repercussions of that meal.

To us (consumers) this is what we call convenience. On the other hand the franchise owners do not care what they give us as long as at the end of the day they make an extra penny. On the other side our politicians have been ‘pocketed’ by the business magnates. They have made it the habit, they sponsor and fund their elections and in turn when our lawmakers have been elected they are supposed to turn a ‘blind-eye’ to the cries of the millions that are suffering in disguise.

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