Sample Essay

The extermination of the Jews involved each and every arm of the Nazi Germany turning Germany at that moment to be a genocidal state. The accomplishment of genocide was in stages: first, there was an enactment of Nuremberg Laws, which stripped German Jews off their citizenship and deprived them of all rights in1935 ((Levi 1973 ;Macmaster 2004). This legislation uprooted Germany Jews civil society and their participation in any sector was illegal.

Second, extermination and concentration camps were created, specialized unit Einsatzgruppen was created to perpetrate and enforce Nazis ideology of murdering the Jews and killing the political opponents through torturing and direct shooting. Third, ghettos were proposed and put in place to cram the Jews in order to starve and expose them to natural selection survival (Levi 1973). Lastly, efficient railway transport was organized to ferry the Jews to extermination camps.  Thus, it can be seen that entire Nazi Germany bureaucracy was involved in the logistics that facilitated genocide occurrence (Hilberg 1985; Kelman1958).

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